Tuesday, March 24, 2015

on the verge

     I have been on the verge for a few years now. How one comes about being on the verge, I don’t know. The verge of everything? Sounds too poetic. Ambiguous. The verge of nothing? Too dismal. You can’t understand it in that sense. Simply, on the verge. We never achieve anything, at least within ourselves. Within that daiquiri of ice that brooms are thoughts, within that tough brazened hull of our forehead that means to venture quite regardless. The limited, limited few. Without insatiable people, the rest of the world couldn’t be satiated. They recklessly strive for things that they will never reach; they are, in fact, on the verge. You cannot leave the verge once you are part of it. You can buy a home in Montana and marry a woman named Rebecca from Missoula, but someday, a star will tread across the blue velvet curtains of earth and remind you that you have a calling. Whether it be to man a spacecraft to space, or to create some novel painted greatness. We have an affinity to the verge itself, not to the task at hand. We are like mindless spies who only require our next target. We are the engines for anything, and it’s all quite spontaneous and unruly. Our boat-like souls tip and splash. We don’t know how to spend our lives in a boat, no matter how perilous the outcome may be. We were dragged by our pale ankles in the dawn of some unimportant night into boats that we would be destined to abandon. The verge is a short lived thing, but it’s an inescapable enigma. We are as destined to die on the verge, as most are to die with far less purpose a couple decades later.
     Never coach us from the depths of our oblivion. Never shout our purpose lost; for it will never be. Never proffer our work to be unmanned, unsolved, or unfathomed. We are the ripples of night; the windswept skin of people jumping from planes; the red stars that burst too quickly; we are illuminated, bathe in the light, blacken our white! We are bound to serve an arguable “something.” I have been on the verge for a few years now. How one comes about being on the verge, I don’t know.

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